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2022 Club Championship & Festival Program Online Registration

Field Hockey BC can be contacted regarding Club Championships by phone: 604-737-3146 or by email:

Please note the following details with regards to registration for your chosen Club Championship or Festival program:

  1. Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Registration is open from 12pm (noon) on Monday, May 2, until 12pm (noon) on Thursday, May 5, 2022.
  2. The team administrator completing this registration MUST have team players' individual Field Hockey BC membership numbers.
  3. All team COACHES and UMPIRES MUST have current Field Hockey BC membership numbers.
  4. Current and valid Field Hockey BC membership numbers must be entered to complete the registration process for your team. Teams entering invalid membership data risk their team being removed from the program without prior notice.
  5. Each Registration Fee payment MUST be made via CREDIT CARD, please be prepared to submit your credit card information at the appropriate time. A confirmation email will be automatically generated after a successful payment.
  6. Following the registration deadline (May 5, 2022), any team withdrawal will result in an entire forfeit of that teams' registration fee.
  7. Teams entering ineligible players, coaches or officials may be ejected from their chosen Club Championship or Festival Program. If the umpire is known to not be available prior to the start of the championship or festival, then the team may be required to forfeit their place in the event and a wait-listed team will be entered. If the umpire is not available during the championship or festival, then the team may forfeit that particular game, and the team's club may receive a penalty on future Club Championship registrations. Umpires participating at Club Championships will be paid for their completed games at the pay scale associated with their rating and game length.

Please note with regards to the Online Registration Form that the following will be Prerequisite Fields:

  1. Team Name and Tier Requested (if the category has more than one tier, please note that tier 1 is for experienced players whereas tier 2 would be for less experienced players. Note that tiering for U12 festivals is used as a guideline only and FHBC cannot guarantee the skill level of teams entering in each tier).
  2. Must have the main contact's personal details: Name, Address, E-mail and Telephone Number.
  3. Must have a minimum of 11 FHBC member numbers for U14, U16 and U18 and a minimum of 8 FHBC member numbers for U12 in the athlete registration column. Please note that Roster Changes may be made up to 8 days prior to a championship or festival.
  4. Must have FHBC member number for both the coach and official assigned to each team. Please note that a forfeit of the team may apply should the umpire associated with a team be unable to officiate at the championship or festival. **Please ensure that the umpire is aware of the dates and commitment involved before putting name forth during registration. Do not put invalid names or symbols into any of the fields.
  5. Must enter at least one Technical Volunteer's name and contact detail (e-mail or phone number) for technical assistance to the host club. Up to three volunteers can be identified at the time of registration. **Please ensure that volunteer(s) are aware of the dates and commitment involved before putting name(s) forth during registration. Do not put invalid names or symbols into any of the fields.

Team Entry Fees

U18 Boys & Girls - $475

U16 Boys & Girls - $425

U14 Boys & Girls - $425

U12 Boys & Girls - $150

Volunteer Technical Assistance

Each team participating in the 2022 program is required to nominate at least one volunteer (parent or alternate) to act as technical support for the event host. This will involve the volunteer being asked to attend a virtual technical training session prior to the event in question (for U18 and U16 Championships). A technical schedule will be compiled by FHBC and this will be given to each club host prior to the start of the championship or festival program.

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